What’s In My Bag, Featuring Prezzybox

I’m always fascinated by the crap people carry around in their bags, I am certainly guilty of carting around an abundance of things I don’t need in my handbag and like many girls, I love getting a new bag. When Prezzybox dropped me an email with a birthday discount code for a fiver off I decided to treat myself to a fabulous bag I’ve had my eye on for quite some time and it was my birthday so I totally deserved a grownup treat right?


What’s more fitting for a proper grown up than a bright pink Barbie backpack?? This little beauty is currently available on Prezzybox’s website for £34.99 where you will also find a matching purse and cross body bag as well.

My bag arrived pretty promptly and I added to the adult sensibleness of the whole thing by adding a large neon, rainbow pompom I picked up in Bury Market whilst in Manchester a few weeks ago.


The bag features some cute details including two side pockets, a front zip pocket, and pockets inside as well. It’s a cute baby pink with the Barbie logo emblazoned all over it. The straps are a good size, so it’s easy to wear and get on and off. The bag itself is suprisingly spacious and fits all my junk totally essential items in.

The front zip pocket features some cute gold stud details and a little Barbie embelishment alongside a tassel for the zip. This pocket is ideal for my work ID badge – check out my very cool Alice in Wonderland lanyard that my little brother got me in Disney World recently! I also keep a little cat themed notebook and handcream in here. I could easily fit my phone or door keys in this pocket as well – it’s a great size.

Inside the main part of the bag there is an extra little pocket (which would be better if it zipped but oh well) and a place to hold your phone. Luckily there is a lot of space in this part of the bag! I always have a spare Lidocaine patch in my bag for my knackered ankle alongside a multitude of painkillers and other medications that get me through the day. I always carry a couple of pens around, at the moment I’m using a gold pen from Paperchase that has a little kitty on the top of it!

My purse is from LYDC London, I’ve had it for years now and it’s starting to get a bit tatty but I love it so much – it’s an awesome mermaidy holographic kind of thing.

I use my phone ALOT during the day so I always carry my mini docking station so I can charge my phone if I need too.

I have a smaller bag inside my bag – this really does have everything in it. The little bag itself was a gift from my best friend Katie and it came all the way from Japan! I have my hard drugs in here – painkillers, migraine tablets, anti-sickness pills etc. I also keep plasters, headphones, tweezers, nail clippers, a teeny tiny hairbrush, plasters, deodorant and spare hair grips and bobbles!

I also carry around my Kindle (read what I thought of the Kindle in this post) and my planner. There is usually a lip balm kicking around somewhere in my bag – at the moment I’m using one from Fairypants that I wrote about in this post.

So that’s pretty much the contents of my bag, it can sometimes vary – on Tuesday for instance there was also two boxes of ice lollies in there that I was taking into work! Sometimes if I leave the bag open I also seem to find a cat in there as well! Today, there was a wee sample in there that I was delivering to the doctors – it’s totally multi-purpose!

If you are looking for a cute and pretty practical bag, that’s easy to carry around then I would totally recommend this cutie from Prezzybox – a pretty decent price too, the bag is sturdy and seems to be well made, you really can fit a lot in there and let’s face it – it’s a frigging awesome backpack!


What do you carry around in your bag? Let me know below!


6 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag, Featuring Prezzybox

  1. Oh my daisies! I love it! I need a cross over one for smaller bits so may have a look. My bag is full of bits from work, I carry my task book everywhere, pens, sketch book, dummies, sometimes can find loose polos

    Stacey xxx

  2. This barbie bag is so pretty, and who wants to be an adult anyway? 😀 I rock my Hello Kitty bagpack with pride! I like that your new bag has so much space and all of those pockets. I’m lovin’ the pom pom that you got from Bury Market too.

    I really love reading ‘What’s in my Bag?’ posts because I’m nosey 🙂 so I really enjoyed this post. I want that pokemon case/bag ❤ it's adorable! I'm gonna go check out Prezzybox now x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

    1. Thank you! I’m still using it for work now – it really is such a good size! I love ‘what’s in my bag’ posts too – I’m also nosey and I love to see what people are carting around. I’m always amazed by people with small bags – I couldn’t cope with not having all my ‘what if’ bits ! Xxx

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