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Zooplus Cat Tree – Review

You may know that just before Christmas we sadly lost one of our cats Rufus, he was the main king of the cat tree we had in the house and none of the other cats were sleeping in it so I decided to buy our other three cats Bea, Mallorie and Figaro a new cat tree.

My first stop was Zooplus. We have had a few bits and pieces from them in the past including an enormous cat tree and water fountains. We didn’t want something too big but it needed to have scratching facilities as they had destroyed the old scratch post (along with the sofa arms, wallpaper, carpets and bed). After some browsing I found this:


It looked pretty robust, not too big and with lots of surface area to scratch with a soft, padded cushion on the top. At a cost of £34.99 it seemed perfect.

A few days later the new cat tree was delivered by a courier. Delivery was super speedy and the new tree came as one whole piece so although a little on the heavy side (like me), I didn’t have to put anything together.


Out of the box and in position, Figaro immediately had a sniff and an explore. Obviously this burst of energy exhausted him and he found the opportunity to try the cushion on the top for a little snooze.

Since then, Bea and Mallorie have also had a go on the top cushion and all three have had a scratch on the sides too (although, they are still scratching the bloody sofa!).

Mallorie has spent quite a bit of time sleeping on the top and has been joined by Figaro a couple of times where they maintain eye contact with the occassional low growl.


All in all we are super thrilled with this Zooplus cat tree. It is sturdy, good quality and was a great price. The cats loved it and I quote Figaro directly:


High praise indeed!

What do you think? How do you keep your cats comfortable? Plush beds or do they inside on sleeping inside a carrier bag? Get in touch below.



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