Unicornfairy Guest Post – How Stacey Celebrates Christmas

Today the very lovely Stacey over at Unicorn Fairy is sharing her Christmas traditions and memories.

When my good Blogger Buddy Estelle asked for guest posts on Christmas, I knew I wanted to take part. It has been tricky squeezing this in, but I am glad I have took the time to do this, as it is nice thinking about all the Christmas memories from each year.

One of the many things I remember as a child, is some magical and amazing Christmas Days!

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I used to love getting over excited on Christmas Eve to the point I can’t sleep. Then the excitement of waking up Christmas day….I used to poke my stocking and have the excitement that Santa has been. Before I used to have to wait for mum and dad to wake and open my stocking in their room. But later years I was allowed to do myself for the extra chance of a lay in for them. Christmas we always was allowed biscuits for breakfast, as Dad was the only one allowed downstairs. I was told if I tried sneaking down all of the presents would disappear. I was not going to tempt this myth, just incase they vanished in a poof of smoke. Then we would open the presents, one big thing, which I do now even, is open one present at a time so you can see the persons face as they open their goodies. I have hated it when been at other houses at Christmas time and they open all their presents at the same time like savage animals.

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We always had my Nanny and Bampi round, which I do miss the family feel as they are no longer here. But the kids have brightened up Christmas as they do make the whole time more festive and magical. 

 My favourite part of Christmas is the giving; I could actually be an Elf for how excited this makes me. I love trying my best and getting thoughtful presents.  Having my own family has made Christmas special again, as seeing their faces all excited at a mountain of presents is priceless. For me I try to make each year special for the kids, as I want them to have the same memories I did when younger. I love the whole build up for Christmas, Elf on The Shelf, Advent Calenders, Festive Movies, Panto and seeing Santa. We started last year a present for then the pesky Elf goes back to tell Santa how good or naughty the kids have been, he leaves a Christmas Eve Box which has Pyjamas, teddy, Xmas DVD, Mince Pie Plate, Hot Chocolate, Popcorn.

This year we will be going to Mums, but now in our house next year I may try and host Christmas Day and have family round, as the kids get to play with their toys rather than being made to go out as soon as opened them in the morning. We are off to see Santa on the 23
rd and go Ice Skating, and Panto is the day after Boxing Day this year to see Cinderella.  I am very excited Christmas Eve is on a Saturday as we are going to have a lovely family day. Josie has a special pony Christmas Party at horse riding, then we are just going to chill and watch xmas movies, some being Santa Claus Movie, The Polar Express and Elf.

No doubt by the time of The Queens Speech, mum and Antony will be dozing off. I will be building kids toys, finding the stupidly small screwdriver that you always lose, fitting batteries. Or spending hours taking 24 plastic parts of a Barbie Doll that is secured so tight in the box, she won’t budge even when undone the packaging.  All of this while both kids moaning for the next one opened, and wanting to know how to play something else.

 Now we are finally in our house, I wanted to do lots of festive crafts with them but we have not had the time as of yet. Next year I will be making sure this will happen.  I am looking forward to Rowan next year as he will be 2, so will take it in more. Josie will be 8 so I am hoping she will still believe in Santa, as it is so much more magical when you believe.

One thing I have always done is when Christmas is over, is I like to get the tree down. Normally this is Boxing Day but this year it will be a few days later this year. Normally before in the flat, the tree took up so much room you just wanted to get it out of the way. 

Thankyou to Estelle, this has been a great guest post to take part in.

Huge thanks to Stacey for writing this lovely post. You can catch up with her blog here

You can also follow Stacey:

On Twitter: @unicornfairy
On Instagram: @unicornfairy83

You can also check out her Etsy shop: UnicornFairy


One thought on “Unicornfairy Guest Post – How Stacey Celebrates Christmas

  1. Awww :3 this was such a lovely post to read! I love how you open your christmas presents one by one… I have always wished that my family did this because I enjoy watching other people open their presents. I might start this tradition with my own family one day 🙂 How sweet that you do a Christmas Eve Box; it’s such a cute idea! x

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