My Christmas Decorations

My Christmas decorations have been up for a couple of weeks now so I thought I’d show you a few of my favourite decorations.

This time of year I love to see all the lights on people’s houses and the tree’s all lit up in the windows. It’s so pretty.

We have a 6ft artificial tree, with 3 cats in the house a real tree would be a total disaster! They like to attack it and eat it enough as it is. In the past I’ve had a themed tree, it had red and white decorations for a few years but then I found some amazing baubles in Paperchase and the theme kind of went to pot.

This year we picked up some new tinsel and some new white lights and I only put my “quirky” baubles on. I’m pretty pleased with it. Here are some of my favourite baubles on my tree this year.

There are quite a few cat baubles on the tree!


This year, we only put half the branches on the bottom of the tree so we could push it against the wall – it takes up alot of space otherwise! Neil had to put the tree together for me this year as I’m still under hip precautions (find out why in this post). There was a little shouting involved, but we got there in the end! I’d like to thank my bearded wonder for his help!

One of the baubles on the tree is Neil’s “1st Christmas” bauble – it’s so cute (and soooo old).


I love snowglobes and these two Christmassy ones are fabulous. One is musical!


We got some fab light up letters last year from The Range and we got the Christmas Russian Dolls in Paperchase a few year ago.

This year we have two Christmas trees. This small tree was my Grandma’s. A few years ago she sent me out to buy the tree along with an angel and some lights. It pops up and the baubles are already on it so it’s a minimum effort tree! We used to have a big version. The lights that we bought for it were really difficult to turn on, but somehow my mad, sweet, lovely Grandma managed it!


The owls light up, dance and sing!

I even made some of my own snowflakes this year – find out how I made them here

So that’s how I’m decorating my house this year.


How are you decorating your house this year? Let me know below.



3 thoughts on “My Christmas Decorations

  1. Your christmas decorations are gorgeous! I absolutely love those russian dolls 🙂 NEED! I also really want your maneki neko tree decoration *heart eyed emoji*. Awww it’s so sweet that your husband still has his 1st Christmas bauble. It’s lovely too, I love old decorations.

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

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