Raiinmonkey Guest Post – How Sarah Celebrates Christmas

Today the lovely Sarah over at Raiinmonkey is talking about her Christmas traditions.

Hi everyone! I’m Sarah and I am a lifestyle blogger over at Raiin Monkey. The lovely Estelle has asked me to share with you all about how I celebrate Christmas, about my traditions and festivities. Preparing this post has been wonderful! Its put me in such a Christmassy mood, and I’m now really excited for an entire month filled with festive fun! I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite things about this fantastic holiday, as well as some of my best childhood Christmas memories. I hope you all enjoy reading!

My family don’t really have any special Christmas traditions; we just do all the usual things! We put our tree and decorations up around the second week of December, covering the wall above our fireplace with a decoration that we’ve have over 20 years. It’s a really adorable banner-style decoration of Santa Claus with all of his reindeers and lots of teddy bear helpers instead of Elves. It’s so cheerful and adorable, and it wouldn’t feel the same without that decoration. We’ve got quite a few decorations that have been displayed in our home around Christmas since I was a child, including two snow globes, one with Mr & Mrs Claus inside and one with a Mrs & Mrs Snowman. They used to fascinate me! My favourite traditional decorations that we have are some for our Christmas tree; a few pretty little wooden decorations, like a toy soldier and some tiny angels, a silver decoration with a Christian Nativity scene which is really cool because you can put one of the bulbs from your Christmas tree lights into the base of the decoration and it illuminates the scene, some lovely delicate brass decorations and my favourite of them all, a toy box decoration! It’s always been my favourite decoration and I made sure that I was the one who got to put it on the tree each year, haha. Do you have a favourite decoration? Here’s some photographs of our traditional decorations.


Each year, we have a different colour scheme for our Christmas tree, red & gold, blue & silver or pink, purple & silver. I prefer when we decorate the tree with red & gold because I just love the traditional Christmas feel. I always remember spending Christmas day as a child watching movies as me and my sister would always get some videos or DVDs as presents. My mum also bought us a new set of pyjamas every year (she still does now!) so we’d get changed into them and watch our new movies. Afterwards, we’d have Christmas songs playing all day! My mum would always open a tin of Quality Street chocolates and me & my siblings would all be trying to get our favourite ones before anyone else could! Something I always loved about Christmas morning was walking into the living room and seeing all of our presents in their own individual piles on the sofas, the Christmas tree lights twinkling and their light reflecting off the pretty wrapping paper of our presents, making them look so lovely. I always thought it looked almost magical. Me & my siblings would open our presents and there would be wrapping paper everywhere and the room filled with excitement, with the smell of the turkey cooking in the kitchen filling the room. I definitely miss the magic of Christmas now that I am an adult; I miss that feeling of awe that Santa Claus knew actually what I wanted!

I have so many lovely memories from when I was a child of Christmas and it was really nostalgic looking through my old family photo albums for inspiration when I was planning this post. I remember one year, I think I was around six years old, my parents surprising me and my sister after we thought we’d finished opening all of our presents. We were told to close our eyes and go into the dining room, and waiting there for me was a gorgeous rocking horse. The horse was black with a little white patch on its forehead, and I just fell in love with it. I named it Black Beauty, because I’d just recently watched the movie 🙂 Another Christmas memory I have from when I was around nine years old is of my brother making an igloo in our garden. It was actually really impressive; he’d made his own ice blocks and everything! When I was three years old, my parents bought a personalised music tape for me with two songs on, one was called ‘Coco’s Christmas Cracker’ and other was ‘Merry Christmas Sarah’. I thought it was amazing, and kept asking how they knew my name! 😀 I would listen to it every Christmas for years, and I still remember all of the lyrics to the songs now.


My dad was a member of the local working men’s club and every year they hosted a Christmas party where we’d all get to go up on stage to get a present from Santa. It was always really fun there. We’d play party games and dance to Christmas songs, there would be prizes for the best dancer and there was a buffet served too. The best presents that I ever received from Santa there were a scooter and a giant box of beads. There were 1000 beads in the set and they lasted years! My favourite presents that I got from my parents were the rocking horse I mentioned before, my Playstation 1 when I was eight because it was my first ever console, one year I got Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and although I’d always loved fairytales, this book sparked my love of fantasy novels, and also the movie ‘Oliver & Company’. My final memories of Christmas growing up were of my primary school’s nativity plays. I was always a shepherd with a tea towel on my head! One year I was a sheep. I went to a Catholic primary school so hymns will always associated with Christmas for me, as I loved singing them at school!

I hope you’ve all had fun reading about my Christmas traditions and memories, that it’s made you all excited for Christmas and got you reminiscing about your own Christmas memories 🙂 I thought I’d finish up my post by telling you about some of my own little festive traditions. Every year without fail, I always make sure that in December I watch The Grinch, The Nightmare Before Christmas and the musical Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat (the one with Donny Osmond). I always make some Christmas cakes or cookies, and consume a ridiculous amount of Lebkuchen, German spiced ginger biscuits. I buy Christmas stamps and stickers to send some festive snailmail for my penpals.  I try to decorate a gingerbread house and go to the Manchester Christmas Markets too. I want to carry these on as my yearly traditions, to celebrate with the own family some day. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas time!

Thank you so much to Sarah for telling me all about her Christmas memories and traditions. You can catch up with her blog posts here follow Sarah:

on Twitter @Raiin_Monkey 
on Instagram @raiin_monkey 


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