My Ultimate Christmas Wishlist

I’m sure many people have an ultimate “if money were no object” wishlist, when I told Neil I was creating my own ultimate wishlist he questioned why I wasn’t putting things like a house or a pony on the list, so why didn’t I? Well, it’s just unrealistic, who asks for a house for Christmas?!

So, here is my ultimate and yet realistic Christmas wishlist.

Cath Kidston Faux Fur Pink Coat

I’ve wanted this gorgeous faux fur coat for a while now.


But with a hefty £160.00 price tag, this gorgeous Cath Kidston coat is out of my grasp! Honestly, I’m not even sure where I’d wear it, all I know is, I need this coat.

Life-Sized 6ft Teddy Bear

Someone sent me a link to these beautiful bears once, I think it might have been Katie and I knew then that I had to have it. It really isn’t enough that I already own a billion teddy bears including a 4ft pink unicorn, a 3ft Sully from Monsters Inc. and an entire Lotso army – I need this bear.


Standing at a whopping 6ft, this cutie pie will set you back $189.00 from the aptly named and I suspect we’d need to move to fit him in the house. They do smaller versions but quite frankly, where’s the fun in that?

Pink Diamond, Rose Gold & Platinum Tiffany Ring

This beautiful ring from Tiffany costs almost as much as a house, but look at it. Isn’t it worth it?


Six pink diamonds in 18k rose gold set onto a Platinum band. For just £3,350.00 you’d make a girl very happy if you left this under my Christmas Tree.

Vivienne Westwood Grey Avon Bag

I’m a big Vivienne Westwood fan. I have a beautiful watch that was a wedding present from Neil and last year Neil got me a gorgeous unicorn clutch bag.


I love, love, love this bag. It reminds me of Cher from Clueless and I think it would be perfect for carrying all my completely necessary and definitely not junk stuff around. This bag costs £240.00 and is sadly out of stock at the moment which I’m hoping means it’s winging it’s way to my Christmas Tree as I write.

Vivienne Westwood Rose Gold Skeleton Bracelet

I love quirky jewellery and this cute little skeleton bracelet from Vivienne Westwood is £105.00 and would make the perfect addition to my jewellery box.


The Mayfair Dolls House Kit

I love Doll’s houses. When I was a kid I always wanted one. Even now as a reluctant adult, I still desperately want to own my very own dolls house.


This wonderful 3 storey dolls house kit is £189.99 from the Dolls House Emporium and comes flat packed so you can put it together and decorate the inside yourself. I would love to decorate it with little wallpaper, carpets and Victorian style furniture! I even know where I would keep it!

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

The insanely priced Dyson hairdryer is available from Boots for £299.99 (which, if you are the size of a doll is more expensive than a house) and claims to:

The Dyson Supersonic’s technology allows for faster, more precise drying, while producing minimum noise due to acoustic silencers. By measuring the air temperature 20 times every second, it controls heat distribution to reduce damage and protect your hair.


If money was no object, then this little baby would definitely be in my shopping bag.

USB Typewriter

I love Typewriters. I own two, one which my lovely friend Katie bought for me and another which is just decorative. I spotted this USB Typewriter on Pinterest. It will set you back a whopping $1,299.00. This Smith Corona Sterling typewriter has been restored and modified to work as a USB Keyboard for a PC, Mac, or iPad. Genius. I need one. 


So that’s my ultimate, in my dreams wishlist. What’s on yours? Let me know below.


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