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How to Make a 3D Snowflake

Christmas can be a good time to get your craft on, even if you aren’t great at crafting you can throw some glitter at it and call it festive!

Today I’m going to show you how to make an easy 3d snowflake that looks really elaborate and clever! You will need:


x 6 pieces of square paper in your chosen colour and size

So, first take your square piece of paper and fold it in half into a triangle, then in half again into a smaller triangle.

Next, with the folded edge away from you, cut three lines across the triangle, stopping just before the folded edge, roughly a centimetre apart from each other and then carefully open the square back out.

Then, curl each side of the innermost square into each other to create a little tube and sellotape it in place, like this:

Next flip it over and do the same to the next square and repeat until each square is curled in:

Once each square is curled into a tube and secured with sellotape, it should look like this:


Repeat the process for the other 5 squares.


Next grab your stapler, check it has staples in so you don’t have to go back upstairs to find more first.

Take two of the now curled squares, line up one end and staple them together.

Take a third curled square and staple it to the first two, again lining up the end, repeat until you have stapled all 6 curled squares together at one end.

Next, holding two of the curled squares together in the middle – so where you sellotaped the squares together earlier and whack a staple in.

Continue stapling each curled square together until they are all stapled together and it looks like this:


There you go, your very own 3D snowflake! Stick that puppy on your tree and bask in your creative genius.


You can make these in any colour and size you like. Make a whole bunch in different sizes and colours and decorate your house!

So, hopefully my instructions made sense and you are able to create a snowflake for yourself. Would you have a go? Let me know below.


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