Thistattandtheother Guest Post – How Kelly Celebrates Christmas

I asked the very marvellous Kelly over at This Tatt and the Other  to tell me about her Christmas and how she celebrates:

Ah, Christmas. Such a magical time. Even now, in my late 30s, I still get excited as it gets closer; the anticipation of time off work, nights out with friends, eating and drinking all of the food and booze, and spending as much of the holidays as possible in pyjamas.

Year in, year out, there are certain things that have to happen, without fail!

Putting up the Christmas tree
The husband and I get super excited at the prospect, with him fetching the decorations out of the garage and swearing allegiance to a joint Christmas tree experience. Within 5 minutes he’s lost interest (putting the tree together is boring, apparently!) and retired to the sofa with a beer “to supervise”. Which translates to pointing out where branches are missing and the are gaps in the fairy lights. Followed by, when I complain “but you look so happy doing it, I don’t want to take away your fun”. Grrrr!!!

Dancing (and singing!) like a loon to All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey
mariah-careyBy far my favourite Christmas song of all, I warble and wail along to this at the top of my voice; not hitting the high notes but not even caring. We have a daft thing that, wherever I am at home, if I hear this playing in the lounge I have to drop everything and come and dance to it. By dance I mean jig about, do odd ballet moves, pirouette and generally throw shapes until I’m laughing and breathless. The whole thing never gets old!

Visiting the Christmas market
Birmingham, where I live, is home to one of the biggest Christmas markets outside of Germany.Birmingham Christmas Market.jpg

It descends on us around mid November and every year people complain that it’s too busy, too expensive, and sells the same old tat. I say rubbish! Yes it’s busy, yes it’s expensive and yes the stalls are the same each year but it’s also very well organised, very very pretty, and more Christmassy than you can shake a stick at.

My highlight is always Chris-Moose (Christmas, geddit?) – a huge articulated Moose head strapped up on one of the wooden cabin bars who sings along to Christmas. Without fail I see him, laugh and clap like a child, sing along with him, and get laughed at by passers by who think I’m an idiot. Think I care? Not a (german) sausage!

Wrapping presents
Every year I have the best of intentions of finishing my Christmas shopping early and getting everything wrapped and under the tree. And every year, without fail, I still have things to wrap on Christmas Eve. Usually quite a lot of things. One year I still had 60 gifts to do and didn’t start them until about 7pm (yes, I’m my own worst enemy). Come midnight I was cursing, wrapping myself in sellotape and threatening to cancel Christmas.

Eating like a pig
I use Christmas as a justification to eat anything at any time of day. Chocolate for breakfast? Completely acceptable.

A glass of Bailey’s and a pork pie for elevenses? Yes please. All the cheese instead of a proper meal? Load me up. I take eat, drink and be merry completely literally. And regret it in January.

I’d like to say a huge thank you for Kelly for telling me about how she celebrates Christmas. I’ve never been to a Christmas market, but I am tempted to make the trip to Birmingham just to see Chris Moose who might be my new favourite thing!

You can catch up with Kelly’s blog here

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