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Silver Snowflake Nails

Today I’m telling you how I created some wintery snowflake nails! They are pretty to simple to pull off and if you use a stencil, you don’t even need to be good at art!


I used:

Ciate Polish – Mineral Clarity
Pantone Collection Polish – 14-5002
Clear Top Coat
Old Makeup Sponge
Snowflake Vinyl Stencil
Dotting Tool

The snowflake vinyl stencil is from Sea Sells She Shells who provide a dizzying array of nail stencils, decals and other accessories. You can also read about my Pantone Collection nail polishes in this post.

So, first things first, I painted my nails using two coats of the Pantone Polish, shade 14-5002.

Once completely dried, I peeled off the vinyl snowflake stencil, it’s a little tricky as you have to make sure that all the bits are completely popped out or the stencil won’t work! I placed the stencil onto my middle and ring fingernails

Then using a make up sponge (I get mine in multipacks from Primark, but you can get them in Boots, Superdrugs, B&M etc.) I sponged the Ciate Polish – Mineral Clarity onto the stencils. Once the polish has been sponged on, I peeled off the stencil. It’s important to do this quite quickly, if you leave it on too long it pulls the polish off and you have to start all over again (twice if your name is Estelle and you are easily distracted).

I then used a dotting tool (mine is from a set I bought on Amazon around 99p, but again you can get them in a bunch of places – or a cotton bud, toothpick etc. will work just as well) to create some polka dots on my other fingernails.

I find the easiest way to do the dots is to put some polish onto a mat or paper or something and then dot the tool into the polish and then onto your nail.


Once everything is dried, I used a clear top coat to seal everything in and prevent chips.

These took about 20 – 30 minutes to complete and are pretty easy to achieve. There are a bunch of tutorials on Instagram that you can watch that demonstrate how to free hand snowflakes. I’ve had a go but for a very small price, I find using a stencil a billion times easier.

Here’s the finished product.

What do you think? Is this something you’d try? Let me know below.



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