My Favourite Christmas Jumpers!

I am a big fan of the Christmas jumper. Everybody is more cheerful when wearing a jumper adorned with elves or holly. So today I thought I would share some of my favourite festive jumpers!

First up is not technically a jumper, but it is one of my favourite go to winter wardrobe staples.

Now, I know the tshirt isn’t that festive, but who says dinosaurs can’t enjoy Christmas too. This burgandy wool skirt came from Primark and is a heavy knitted fabric. It goes really well with chunky tights and clumpy boots. This skirt was purchased a while ago so no longer for sale but a similiar skirt is currently for sale (with a matching jumper!!) on Asos – here.

I love Elf – I mean who doesn’t? If you don’t, then we can’t be friends. So when I spotted this gem on Asos last year I HAD to buy it. It’s basically a tshirt so not ideal winter attire but it has sparkly, sequin sleeves so swings and roundabouts right?

So sadly, no longer available, but I have found a few alternatives. First is from Asos and features amazing green sequin sleeves and a big christmas tree motif. Click here to grab your own. If it wasn’t the sleeves that sold you, then how about this Elf tshirt from Matalan for £12.00.

Mum recently got me this festive offering, available right now in Primark. It even plays music. Although, I have concerns as to whether it will still work after being washed.. can anyone confirm if it will still sing once it’s been through the spin cycle? It is a lovely jumper and I am excited to wear it!

This Disney Mickey Mouse Sweater came from H&M. It is really baggy and oversized, so perfect with warm leggings and boots to feel festive and casual.

Next up is an adorable reindeer jumper from Tu, Sainsburys. I picked this gorgeous, cute jumper up last year and I’ve actually only worn it once. It has lovely sequin details all over it and the deer is just too cute.

F&F at Tesco Direct are selling an equally cute reindeer jumper, complete with pom-poms! Buy your own here for £18.00.

Looking for festive layers? I love this Christmas cardigan from Primark, I picked this up last year just before Christmas when I should have been buying Christmas gifts for other people. It is pretty thick and heavy and will definitely keep you warm and toasty this winter. I’ve not been in Primark for a while but I am pretty sure that you will be able to grab your own festive cardigan now.

Someone sent me a link to this unicorn jumper last year and I immediately tried to buy it. Unfortunately it had already sold out and I had lots of people checking their local Asda stores for it, but to no avail. One day, I happened to check to see if it was in stock and it was! My very own Christmas miracle.

Check this link out to search Asda’s Christmas jumper offerings.

This next little cutie came from H&M, combining my love of cats with my love of Christmas.

Buy your own for £14.99 here. You should know that when I tried it on, with my blue hair, I looked like Thing 1 from the Cat in the Hat.

This last jumper is perfect for you if you are ready to embrace winter but not quite ready for Christmas. This is also from H & M and you can buy one here.

Do you have a favourite Christmas jumper? Or are you a Christmas Grinch? Get in touch below.


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Christmas Jumpers!

  1. Such a fabulous Christmas jumper collection, and I love that knit skirt too! It’s hard for me to choose a favourite… I love your reindeer jumper from Tu, it’s adorable! I also really like your grey jumper from H&M. However, I think my absolute favourite has to be Christmas cardigan from Primark! I hope they sell something similar this year; I want it! 🙂 I seriously need to increase my Christmas jumper collection! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

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