Christmas Nail Art -Stamped Christmas Trees

Nail art is a really good way to express your Christmas spirit, especially if you aren’t able to rock a festive jumper every day of the week. This look requires a few tools but is pretty simple to create.


I have lots of Mo-You stamping plates, they enable you to create thousands of nail art looks with relatively little effort.

First up, I painted my nails in some festive colours, I used Essie Gold Glitter Top Coat and Models Own Hyper Gel Ebony Green.


I then used this genius little product from Mo-You, it’s a cuticle guard that you paint on around your nails, it dries clear so you can then create your nail look and simply peel off the cuticle guard when done, easily removing any mess you’ve made.

Once everything was dry, I used Mo-You Festive plate number 31 and Mo-You Cool Pool polish. I use a Mo-You clear stamper and scraper, which makes it easy to see what you are stamping and where the design is going.

The process is pretty easy, you put some polish on the plate over your chosen design, scrape off the excess using the scraper, holding it at around a 45 degree angle seems to give you the best result.

Next, I used the stamper to pick up the design, I find that if you roll the stamper slightly whilst it’s on the plate it picks up the design well. This process has to be done relatively quickly, the polish dries quite quickly between the plate and the stamper so don’t hang around too long!

Once the design is stamped on, I peeled off the cuticle guard and added a top coat. I used Collection 2000 2 in 1 top coat.

These took around 20 minutes to do, the cuticle guard makes for really easy clean up too. Gold and green are really easy to turn into festive, Christmas colours too.


What do you think of this design? Is it something you would try? Get in touch below!


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