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Pizza Express Festive Menu, Plymouth

This week Neil and I visited Pizza Express and I got to try (for the first time) not only the gluten free options but the new Christmassy menu too!

Pizza Express has been acredited by Coeliac UK, which means that all of their restaurants have been checked out by Coeliac UK and have been found to take the necessary steps to ensure that if you are a Coeliac or have a wheat/gluten intolerance then it is safe for you to eat here. Which is brilliant. They can offer gluten free pizza bases and can make certain dishes gluten free by removing breadsticks, crutons etc.

Pizza Express are currently offering 3 different festive pizzas and some festive deserts. The Plymouth restaurant was decked out for Christmas with a cute Christmas tree, table decorations and Christmas napkins (which I loved!). Even the waitress had a festive apron.


To start I went for the gluten free doughballs. Neil helped me with these.


You get 5 doughballs and some warm butter for dipping. They were hot, doughy and lovely. I adore doughballs so I am genuinly thrilled that I can have them here gluten free.

When I first looked at the menu online, there was no doubt in my mind which pizza I was going to have. Why this isn’t a staple pizza topping in every pizza establishment I will never know, because it should be.

Cauliflower.Cheese.Pizza. AMAZING! This genius pizza topping is part of the Christmas menu, so I’m hoping to eat all my meals at Pizza Express whilst it is still on the menu. There were two versions, plain cauliflower cheese and a pancetta version:

Roasted cauliflower florets, pancetta, Pecorino cheese and garlic oil on a creamy cheese & mustard sauce base with pink Tropea onions and pine kernels, finished with fresh parsley and shaved Gran Milano cheese

I know right? Total genius.

When our pizzas arrived, the waitress asked if Neil would like his remade as it was a touch on the burnt side, he did so it was a wait while his was remade and whilst great that they were happy to redo it, it was a bit of a shame that we then didn’t eat together as mine would have gone cold if I had waited or would have also had to have been remade.

Anyway, Neil had a spicy pizza, the waitress checked he was ok with it being hot which amused me.


Neil tells me he has had spicier pizzas but that it was very tasty and he really enjoyed it.

My pizza was beyond words.

The base was thin and crispy and for gluten free dough, it was very, very nice. The topping was really nice, tasted exactly how I imagined it would and was geniunely one of the nicest pizzas I have had in a really long time.

The waitress was friendly and as it was quiet, we didn’t have to wait long to be served which is always a bonus. The food was really nice and as Neil had a two for one voucher, it also didn’t cost us very much! I will definitely be going back soon.

Have you tried anything from the seasonal menu at Pizza Express? Have you tried gluten free pizzas here before? What did you think? Get in touch below.





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