Hip Replacement Recovery – Week 9 (ish)

It’s been almost 10 weeks since I had my hip replaced. I’m doing ok.

Last week, I saw my consultant for my post – operative check up. They had me walk a few steps in front of them, asked how the wound was, if I was in pain, how I was getting around etc. They decided to refer me to Physiotherapy as they were concerned about some muscle weakness I seem to have, but other than that I was told to drop down to one crutch and that I could now swim and cycle, which was good news because I couldn’t really do either of those things before.

I’ve not done very much over the last month if I am honest. I watched all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls again (and I just watched the revival at the weekend which was very exciting). I’ve done alot of my Christmas shopping from the comfort of my bed and I’ve planned and written some Blogmas posts, so look out for those in December.

This week I have been downstairs and playing Mafia 3. Stabbing people in the face has really helped with some of my aggression.


At the end of last week I went to an award ceremony for my workplace. I was nominated but came away a loser haha, I didn’t even get a certificate! My team won a highly commended though which was nice. You can read about what I wore here.

On Monday I took one of my biggest trips out since my operation, Neil took me into town shopping, we had to do a lot of sitting down but I did pretty well, managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done. I was so tired when we got home and my hip was hurting a bit but I don’t think I did too badly.

Today I attended my first Physiotherapy appointment. I was pretty skeptical as I’ve had physio in the past and always found it a little pointless. However, today went well, we talked about some of the problems and pain I have been having and Oliver, my physio, established I have muscle pain and not bone pain which is good as it means there is nothing wrong with my new hip. Phew.

I have been given a stick to try. It’s super glamorous, but I don’t seem to be getting on very well with it, I feel really unsteady when I use it at the moment, so I’m hoping I will get used to using it.


I’ve been referred for some Hydrotherapy – around 6 – 8 sessions, which Oliver suggested will help with my insomina, stress and pain, so I am looking forward to experiencing hydrotherapy for the first time soon.

All in all, I have spent much of the last few weeks in a funk. I’ve been having some anxiety and haven’t really wanted to leave the bedroom and for a weeks, I didn’t really. I’ve been worrying about going back to work. It’s like when you are a kid in school, you get sick and you are off for a week or so and when you go back all your friends have found other friends and you don’t get the jokes because you missed so much. It’s the same as an adult I think. People realise that they got along fine without you and don’t really need you. I really struggle to fit in and I work hard to do it, so I’m actually quite stressed about going back in January. I’ve also been feeling like a bit of a burden too lately.

Pain wise, it hasn’t been too bad. I tire easily and I still stiffen up, especially overnight, I wake up in the night with twingey pains still so I am uncomfortable and suffering from lack of sleep. I’ve been getting a lot of headaches too which I am putting down to stress and sleeplessness.

The physiotherapist today and my consultant last week were both pleased with how I am walking, which I am glad about. I suspect the leg length discrepancy I have always had may have decreased since the surgery too which is a bonus and in the New Year I will go back to my orthotist to make sure that my orthopaedic shoes and insoles are the correct fit. Unfortunately, whilst I have been more mobile I have noticed an increase in ankle pain – I’m waiting on surgery for it and it worries me that it is hurting already, I had wanted to put off yet another surgery for as long as possible, so we’ll see how that goes.

I’d like to end by thanking Neil and my parents for everything they have done for me, I really do appreciate it and I couldn’t do it without you.

Do you have any self care tips to soothe my stress and anxiety? Get in touch below.


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