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Super Cute Box – Spooky October Edition

October’s Super Cute Box was a Halloween edition (obviously, duh), now I’m not a fan of Halloween but I have to admit that this box was adorable. Super cute in fact.

As always, the box has a little postcard in it, cute print on one side and details of the box contents inside. This month’s had a pearly sheen to it which I love.


Even the orange tissue paper feels really seasonal.

First up were two pieces by the head Super Cute designer, a fabulous pumpkin pin with Patch the Cat sat on it and a cute acrylic bat necklace you can check out her shop here at Stami Studios. I especially love the pin and I totally won’t be confining the wearing of it to Halloween.

The featured brand this month is Rebel Skein – “Often quirky, always stylish”  her stuff is adorable. I have my eye on some cat ear hair clips and a cactus slouchy beanie! Her candy hairclip that I got in the box is the sweetest.


Next up is a black cat pen and some post-it ghosts (genius), although apparently they are speech bubbles.. but who says speech bubbles can’t be cute ghosties. Dream big little speech bubbles.

I’ve had a couple of pens in my boxes now and I have loved every single one (mostly, because they’ve been cat themed).

October’s box even had candy in it, in the form of Gnaw, I’ve had Gnaw chocolate before and it has always been fabulous. This little bar is toffee apple flavour – perfect for the season I might add. I’m actually eating it right now and it is AMAZING. As soon as I opened the wrapper it smelled like toffee apples and it tastes like a toffee apple too! It’s beautiful. It has pieces of caramel and apple in and I may have to place a bulk order.


Last up in this cute and spooky box was a little sealed envelope (how cute is the sticker by the way)..


Inside was the most adorable cat ears ring. It is so cute and works as a little midi ring on my big chubby fingers.


Cute right?!

6 months on from my first box, I am still totally in love with this subscription box. You can check out what I got in the August box here and you can visit the Super Cute website here and subscribe to your very own box of cuteness.

What do you think of the contents? Tempted to subscribe? Let me know below.



2 thoughts on “Super Cute Box – Spooky October Edition

  1. What an awesome box! You got so many lovely items 🙂 I’m totally gutted that the box isn’t mine hahaha the pin badge is gorgeous, and so is the little cat ears ring. That pen is also fabulous too! I love seeing what you get in this subscription box each month. Do you have a favourite item that you got this time?

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

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