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Super Cute Box – August

I’m always pretty excited when my monthly Super Cute Box falls through the letterbox. You can catch up with the contents of my May and June boxes and marvel at the cuteness and once you’ve done that you can carry on reading all about the August box.


Figaro was super helpful during the opening/looking/photographing process, so shout out to him.

I always love the quotes on the cards, August’s is:

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

One of my favourite things in the box is this summery sheet of paper, with cute little oranges and pineapples. It is pretty versatile, you could use it for scrapbooking, wrapping paper, covering a book (remember that from school? We had to cover all our textbooks with paper – I don’t recall why though) and more, including something pretty for your cat to stand on.

As always you get a little charm in the box, this month it is a little cat latte or catte I suppose. I think it is my favourite charm so far.


There was also a pen, a little keyring and some Sanrio stickers. There was a cute cat stamp which I really liked too. The keyring is fill of teeny, tiny fruit!

I’ve saved my favourite for last, weirdly enough I had been scrolling through my Instagram feed earlier in the day and I’d seen an absolutely amazing enamel pin on someones feed, so I was obviously massively excited when that same awesome pin appeared inside the pink tissue paper! The pin is by Stami Studios – you can check out the website here where I have found quite a lot of things that I want to buy now.

Isn’t it beautiful?!

So that’s my August box. I can’t wait for September! You can subscribe to your own box here

What’s your favourite from the box? Let me know below.


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