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Lush – Elbow Grease Review

I’ve read alot online about Lush’s Elbow Grease so a few weeks ago, I finally got around to buying a bar.

Priced at £5.95 for 60g (you can buy it online here), Lush say this about Elbow Grease:

Well, this bar is supreme. It moisturises like a dream. Why, it’s tattoo brightening! You won’t need much elbow grease, slip this blend of hydrating cupuacu and murumuru butters over anywhere that needs a little hydration. Originally designed for elbows, we’ve found that this oily little number is so gorgeous that it would be simply wrong to deny other areas a bit of love. If you’ve got tattoos, glide over your ink to make colour and detail pop, as well as soothe. To add an extra note of sunshine to your day cheerful neroli, ylang ylang and orange flower blossom are sure to put a smile on your face.

As always, the staff in my local lush are a joy (You can check out a previous Lush Review if you’d like Lush – Rosy Cheeks Face Mask), you can’t help but leave the store with a smile on your face. I was treated to a quick demonstration by a lovely member of staff and I really could see the difference in the colour of her tattoos.


The first thing you should know is that Elbow Grease smells amazing. The second thing you should know is that the best place to keep it is not on your dresser in your warm bedroom. It got very squashy. Best to keep it somewhere cool I’d say.

Now, you should know that my tattoos are very colourful and relatively recent so they haven’t really lost their brightness yet, needless to say, Elbow Grease has made them “pop” that little bit more.

After a quite small amount of Elbow Grease and a quick rub, my tattoos look even better than they usually do.

The colours look deeper and brighter and my skin feels really soft and not even slightly dry.

I will say that a little goes a very long way. I got a bit over zealous on my arm and it feels a little greasy there, like it hasn’t been absorbed quite enough. I used much less on my chest and shoulders and its totally fine.


I had a quick go on one of my first tattoos – a tiny little black heart which was done over 10 years ago and is very faded and dull. It definitely improved the look of my tattoo.


I am pretty impressed by the improvement.

All in all, I adore how I smell after using Elbow Grease, my tattoos do look brighter and bolder and it has left my skin feeling softer and less dried out.

Have you tried Elbow Grease? What did you think? What Lush products would you recommend? Let me know below.


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