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Super Cute Box May Edition – Review

Last month I tried my first Super Cute Box, this weekend my second one arrived. They definitely live up to their name. Read on to find out what I thought of my first box.

Super Cute Box is a monthly subscription box filled with goodies such as kawaii stationary, cute handmade jewellery, homewares etc. They have this to say on their website:

Super Cute Box was formed in 2015 with the idea to spread cute stationery, adorable homewares, handmade jewellery, custom clothing and everything cute directly to your home!

We work hard to hand pick every item each month for the box, making sure it’s new, current, well made and most importantly – something you will love!

From items around the world, including the capitals of cuteness – Japan & Korea, we import the most kawaii products out there, but we don’t just stop there when there is so much cuteness to be found from individuals creating jewellery and homewares in their small business.

By combining the adorable products from Asia with handmade products from creators around the world we have a truly unique box full of surprises every month!

We work with popular Etsy artists, as well as seeking new and upcoming designers & jewellery makers. We even arrange products that wont be sold else where making some items truly unique to Super Cute Box!

There are a few different ways to subscribe with varying price options.

Option 1:

For £18.00 you can buy just the one box, it arrives at the same time as subscribers, ideal if you want to give it a go to see what sort of thing you get.

Option 2:

For £16.00 you get a box every month, you don’t have to re-order each month and you can cancel at anytime.

Option 3:

For £45.00 you get a box a month for three months (the equivalant of £15.00 per box), at the end of the three months you then have to re-order.

Option 4:

For £90.00 you get a box a month for six months (the equivalant of £15.00 per box), at the end of the six months, you need to re-order.

You can also buy birthday boxes (£20.00), they are birthday themed with a mix of items from previous boxes and some exclusives. You can also buy “Retro” boxes (£18.00), these are filled with leftovers from previous boxes.

I went with option 2 – I get one box a month for £16.00, having just received my second box, I can safely say I am hooked.


They fit through your letterbox – which is ideal for me as I work all day and it means I don’t have to drag out to the Post Office to collect it (by which I mean, I make my husband drag out to the Post Office obviously). The sticker on the box made me immediately eager to break into the box and see what I got. I tend to try and avoid spoilers (Super Cute Box themselves only post pictures of previous boxes) because I like the suprise!

It’s tucked inside tissue paper and comes with a little card with a quote or motto – the first one said:

It’s always sunny above the clouds

The back of the card gives you all the information about what is inside. It lets you know who the makers/designers/suppliers etc. of the contents are and often includes discount codes.

The goodies really are the cutest. There was Totoro washi tape (I LOVE Totoro), Gudetama Stickers (He looks like the yolk from a fried egg). I had an adorable little wire bear who is to be wrapped around your cords to keep them tidy and some cute face stickers so you can give things faces! I also got some adorable sticky notes in the shape of a fat seal!

There was also tealight from Simple Candle Co, it smells of chocolate (the flavour, or smell I suppose is Chocolate Macaroon). We lit it earlier and it smells fabulous.

One of my favourite items were some cute kitty nail clippers. Perfect handbag size (although I suppose all nail clippers are handbag sized unless you have big crusty toenails).

The last item in this box was a charm bracelet and a charm, subscribers get a new charm every month and as this was my first box, I got a little bracelet too. The charm in this box is a little pink rabbit called Binky. I really like this little touch, I’m looking forward to seeing what other charms I collect. You can also buy previous charms from the Super Cute Box website.


I feel like I got some really good stuff considering the price of the box. I will make use of all of the items and I love the little charm bracelet. I will certainly be hanging on to my subscription for a while. Look out tomorrow for a review of my second box.

Have you tried Super Cute Box? What are your thoughts? Let me know below.


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