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Last week, I turned 21* and I thought it might be nice to share with you all (or you know, just my mum) what I was lucky enough to get.

I always feel a little uncomfortable about these sorts of posts, I don’t want to seem like I’m bragging, so look on this post as gratitude to the family and friends that made me feel shiny and happy on my Birthday.

*this is a lie, I’m alot older than 21.


I share a birthday with my brother Peter. Before you ask, nope I’m not a twin. He was born on my 6th Birthday which was a bit of a shock to the little girl who wanted a dolls house. Here we are  on one of our birthdays. I’m unsure how old we are. You should know that mum and dad still have that table cloth though.


I got lots and lots of lovely things for my birthday, so many cards. That really brightened my day! I even got a card from a fellow blogger – Sarah over at Raiin-Monkey which was really, really nice of her. You might spot a theme amongst my cards – unicorns and cats. A number of them also reference my fabulousness ( I know, obviously right?!). Luckily, none of them referenced my age or aluded to being old so I didn’t have to put anyone on my list this year.


My bff Katie got me some wicked things, including a Nano Blocks unicorn (which I will be blogging about later this week), a very cool Lego pen, some sweeties (gluten free, of course) and the cutest necklace ever!


She also got me an AMAZING Bee Good goodie box (which I will blogging about later this month) – which I can’t wait to start using.

My lovely friend Kat got me some wicked cool goodies. including a Pusheenicorn keyring, some unicorn earrings, a very cool Unicorn tshirt, which funnily enough I nearly bought myself a few weeks ago. I loved the postcards she’d got me and I got some scented felt tips – the mint one smells very odd!

Even the lovely people I work with even got me presents and I arrived to work on the Monday after my birthday to a desk full of banners and balloons! They even got me fruity socks!


I got some very nice bits from my Mum and Dad (although I suspect Dad has no idea what I got), she got me a really cool tshirt, some nail polish, a cat colouring book and some scratchcards. I won £12! She also took me shopping and treated me to some new clothes! My brother sent me a cute emoticon cushion, which the cats have since commandeered!

Neil outdid himself this year, I mean, he’s always pretty nice to me and I don’t want for anything (except a new kitten, apparently we don’t have enough room or blah, blah, blah or something). I got a lovely new Lindy Bop dress – it’s covered in cats, amazing. I got perfume, some beautiful Alice in Wonderland books and a Totoro, amongst other amazing things.

One of my absolute favourite presents this birthday were these AMAZING Iron Fist Care Bears boots – I’ve wanted them for ages and my lovely, lovely husband got them for me!

Just bloody look at them.

The night before my Birthday was Eurovision so I had some ice-cream and prosecco to watch it!

On Sunday (the day of my Birthday) we went to the seaside! I love the seaside, the weather was really nice and we spent the morning in Paignton and then popped along to Dartington to look at the shops there (where I managed to gain a few more presents from my long suffering husband). In the evening myself, Neil, Mum, Dad and my Godmother went to Rockfish (which you can read about here).

So there we go, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and helped to make my day so special, I am a really lucky girl and very confident I don’t deserve so thank you.

Have you celebrated a birthday recently? What did you get up to? Let me know below.


5 thoughts on “Birthday Blog

  1. This is such a lovely post! I really enjoyed reading it 🙂 You got such wonderful presents… I really love the totoro plushie, the socks & Lindy Bop dress. Oh wow, those care bear boots are amazing though! and oh my gosh, I reallly NEED that Pusheenicorn! Awww :3 thankyou for the mention. I’m glad you liked my card ❤ Looks like you had a fantastic day! x

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