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Crustless Garden Vegetable Quiche – No.G

Tonight I tried a very lovely crustless, gluten free quiche from the wonderful world of No.G

If you don’t know about No.G, I would definitely recommend checking out their website (especially if you are gluten free). They say this about how they started:

Riverside Bakery in Nottingham has been a renowned master piemaker and baker since 1931. And we’re still here in the same premises to this day. Not only that but the noble traditions of our founding father, Ken Parr, a local Nottingham lad, live on through the old-fashioned love, dedication and skill, along with the delicious hand-picked ingredients, that we pour into our pies, quiches and tarts. Of course, we’re not sure that old Ken would have been familiar with the concept of gluten free. What we are convinced about, though, is that he surely would have approved of the taste!

I’ve had a few No. G pies before, all super tasty. Tonight I gave their Crustless Garden Vegetable Quiche a go. (ignore the use by date – its been in the freezer!)


I only tried my first quiche a few weeks, it was a gluten free one (obviously) and it came from Marks & Spencer and it was really tasty and since I am now a proper grown up and broadening my food horizons, I figured I would give this little bugger a go, even though it is full of green food. No. G describe it as:


Gluten free vegetable quiche, with free-range egg custard and the freshest garden vegetables on a gluten free shortcrust pastry base, topped with crunchy pine kernels and smooth feta cheese. Our classic medley of garden vegetables takes a refreshing dip in the Med with aromatic pine kernels and tangy feta!

It can be cooked from fridge or frozen. Frozen obviously takes a little longer, but the 30 minutes cooking time gave me ample time to prepare some potatoes, get changed into my pyjamas and put some washing on.

I went for steamed, buttered (with a little bit of black pepper) mini potatoes to accompany the quiche.


It was really tasty, filled really generously, an ideal meal size. Not too small, not too big. The feta cheese and pine kernals on top are so nice. Best of all, it doesn’t taste in the slightest bit gluten free.

This quiche set me back £2.50 in Sainsburys, which I think is a good price. My local Sainsburys only stocks 3 of No.G’s range, this quiche, the beef and ale pie and the chicken bacon and leek pie. I’m dying to try more of the range so I hope they stock more soon.

The cooking instructions are so easy to follow, it looks tasty and it is tasty. I’m so pleased that as a brand, No.G recognise that gluten free food should be tasty and good quality. I’m looking forward to trying more of their range.

I will definitely be getting this again! Have you tried any No.G goodies? Let me know below.


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