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Gluten Free Cereals

We don’t often shop in Morrisons, so when we dropped some dry cleaning up there recently I took the opportunity to have a look at the gluten free range they stock.

Morrisons have a really impressive gluten free range and we will be making an effort to go back to stock up. Amongst some other bits I picked up two boxes of gluten free cereal to try. Read on to find out what I thought.


First up is Nestle Gluten Free Honey Flakes. These look and taste exactly like Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, my husband tried some and tells me that he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

For a 30g serving with and 125 ml milk you will consume 175kcal. I really enjoyed the Honey Flakes and will definitely be buying them again.

They cost £2.18 for a 500g box which is kind of pricey but I am used to paying extra for gluten free products.


Next up, I tried Kelloggs Gluten Free Organic Puffed Corn Cereal. I’m not sure what cereal to compare these too because I’ve never eaten anything similar (I wondered if they were like Sugar Puffs – tell me if you know).

This cereal was so tasty! They kind of remind me of a Graze box called Thai Bites (without the Thai part..), they have a very similar texture.

A 30g serving with 125ml milk is 118 calories. My husband thinks they taste kind of like popcorn. This cereal is probably one of the nicest gluten free cereals I have tried, the only downside is that they are pretty filling and a 30g serving is actually a little bit much for me. Also, these taste amazing on their own with no milk!

These cost £2.73 for 300g, I will also be buying these again!


These were both very nice gluten free cereals and I am also pleased that the bigger brands are branching out into the gluten free world!

Have you tried either of these? Can you recommend another gluten free cereal I should try? Let me know below.




6 thoughts on “Gluten Free Cereals

  1. Looks like to need to make a trip to Morrisons for the Nestle Gluten Free Honey Flakes (I usually shop at Tesco). I don’t eat cereals for breakfast often, but Crunchy Nut Cornflakes were a favourite of mine.

    1. I was glad to find something tasty- things like the bread and pasta are just not the same gluten free so it’s a nice surprise when you find something that tastes good! X

  2. Thanks for sharing this post 🙂 I’ve been meaning to start trying some gluten free options because I have IBS and I’ve heard that a gluten-free diet can be really helpful for it. I’ll definitely have to try the honey flakes! x

    1. I just tried the regular cornflakes nestle do – really nice ! Have you ever been tested for coeliac? They thought I had IBS for ages. I certainly feel better now I can’t eat gluten xx

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