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Three on Thursday – Knitting

Today for my Three on Thursday I’m showing off three of my recent knitting projects. I’m not really that brilliant at knitting and you can catch up with my previous knitting adventures here.

I picked up my knitting needles again last week in a bid to keep myself occupied whilst I am still off work.

First up I decided to make myself a scarf, I had some lovely wool that came from The Range. It is such a cute colour and I think it’s kind of mermaidy.



I’m pretty good at knit and purl (provided its in straight uncomplicated lines obviously) now and it took me just less than three days to complete a scarf/snood kind of thing. Here is the finished scarf!


It’s very thick and heavy and should keep my neck pretty toasty!

Next, I decided to treat my cats to a new blanket for their chair. (Yes, as well as all the other designated sleeping places they have, they even have their own chair). This big ball of wool also came from The Range and is a pretty purple/pink/blue colour.


I used the whole ball and it took me around a day and a half to complete. I even made tassles! I’m not sure how impressed the cats are, but I like it and it looks very nice on the chair!

Look how thrilled they are with the work I put in. (Cats are notoriously ungrateful creatures aren’t they?)

Lastly, I decided to knit a scarf for my Mum. in the hope she would be more appreciate than Figaro or Bea were with their blanket.

I used two different wools – pink and white, it took 6 balls of the white and 5 balls of the pink (the white was chunky and the pink super fine)


This scarf was my fastest knit yet. Its pretty wide, taking just over a day to complete and super heavy and chunky. I was pretty pleased with it actually. Fingers crossed Mama likes it!


My next project is to make a scarf for Katie and I’m going to have another go at following a simple pattern to make a teeny bobble hat for my Makie Doll (you can read about her here). After that, I’d like to attempt a proper pattern and maybe try and make some knitted toys.

Do you have any tips for following a knitting pattern? Can you knit? Let me know below.



9 thoughts on “Three on Thursday – Knitting

  1. These are fab you clever bunny. I want to try the crocheting/knitting where you make the tiny animals (can’t think what it is called). I struggle counting when knitting! Tried making Josie a cardi when she was a baby. Was not good lol. Mum however does it without looking and at speed. Can’t wait to see your other creations

    Stacey xxx

    1. Thank you! I’m knitting a baby blanket at the moment, the wool is so cute and fluffy!

      I’m going to attempt to knit a pattern soon – I’ve got one of those “knit a soft toy’ kits – its for kids so I’m hoping it’ll be easy!!

    1. Basic knitting is really easy, I don’t have the patience to learn to be better at it haha! It is quite therapeutic once you start something and get into a rhythm though. I love the mermaid wool – I only wish I’d gotten more at the time! Xx

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