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Pantone – Nail Polish

One of my Christmas presents this year was two sets of Pantone Nail Polish, a little history about Pantone, taken from the website:

In 1963, Lawrence Herbert, Pantone’s founder, created an innovative system of identifying, matching and communicating colors to solve the problems associated with producing accurate color matches in the graphic arts community. His insight that the spectrum is seen and interpreted differently by each individual led to the innovation of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®, a book of standardized color in fan format.

Since then, Pantone has expanded its color matching system concept to other color-critical industries, including digital technology, textiles, plastics, architecture and contract interiors, and paint. Pantone continues to develop color communication tools for a variety of industries and aggressively adopt new digital technology to address the color needs of design and production professionals.

I’ve seen homewares, like mugs and coasters available in the official Pantone colours before, but last year was the first time I’ve ever seen beauty products. They are from a range called Pantone Universe and were part of Boots Christmas 3 for 2 gifts selection.

My mum got me two sets for Christmas, I’d pointed them out to her, I quite liked the colours and I actually thought the bottles were kind of cute.


I don’t know how much they cost, but they weren’t overly pricey – I had a look around today online and they are no longer being sold in Boots, but you can buy the set of 5 here on Amazon for £39.95 (they definitely didn’t cost that much in Boots). This week was the first chance I’d got to have  a play with them and take them out of the boxes, where I realised that I have 2 duplicates in the smaller box !

I used a clear base coat underneath  each of the different colours and no top coat.

So, here are the colours.

First up is a silver colour – “Pantone 14-5002” its a very shiny silver colour, I’ve tried a few different silvery nail varnishes and I’m actually pretty impressed with how this looks. Its lovely and shiny and has a sparkle to it even though it doesn’t have any actual glitter particles in it.


Next is a pastel purple/lilac colour – “Pantone 16-3520”. This colour was very lovely too, two coats gave really good coverage and it has a nice shine to it.

The silver and the lilac were in both boxes.

The larger box had this next gorgeous dark purple/plum colour – “Pantone – 19-3336”. I really liked this colour, as with the lilac and silver it is very shiny without a top coat, but needed 3 coats to stop it looking as wishy-washy.

Next in the larger box was a very dark blue colour. “Pantone – 19-4049” It is a very rich blue and perfect if you want to paint your nails a darker colour without going to plain old black. This also needed 3 coats to stop it looking wishy-washy and if I was going to use this colour, I would probably use a white basecoat to make it go a bit further. This colour was really gloopy compared to all the others and I suspect may have stained my nails without the clear basecoat I used first.

Last one from the larger box was a purple/blue glitter topcoat – “Pantone 19-3748” I wasnt very impressed with this one, there didn’t seem to be alot of actual sparkle in it, it would give a very, very subtle sparkle when used alone (I used about 4 coats on my naked nails) and I popped it over the lilac to see how it faired as a top coat – again, I had to use two coats before it covered to my liking. This was my least favourite. Having said that, the colour of the actual glitter is quite pretty. It just doesn’t deliver quite enough sparkle for me.

Last up is the third colour from the smaller box (remember, lilac and silver were duplicates!) This is a pastel peach colour – “Pantone -14-1220”, will I actually really like, it’s a good nude colour but also quite peachy if you wanted something with a bit less ..nudity. This colour went on quite nicely, only two coats to cover nicely.


All in all, these are two nice little sets. The bottles are quite small, so a little fiddly to hold easily if you are blessed with GIANT hands like myself. The colours are all pretty decent and painted onto my nails smootly, they were all really easy to remove, even the glitter, which can sometimes be a pain to remove. However, unless you can find them somewhere cheaper, I’m not sure they are worth the current Amazon price of £39.95 however cute the little bottles are!

Have you tried any of the Pantone Universe polishes? Let me know below.


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